Who We Are

The goal of Archisystem Inc. is to provide quality professional services with an environmentally friendly design with minimum impact on the natural environment and natural resources. We strive to prepare designs with the most extensive possible details and information so that the clients, contractors and the end-users fully understand the design and construction methodology. 

Archisystem Inc. is a group of professional architects, designers, and planners serving Ontario since 2001, providing a broad range of services including Planning, Architectural Design, Construction Documentation, and Quality Control during construction, & Building Permit Drawings for Industrial, and Commercial & Residential Projects.

We began as a small architectural drafting company to assist architects, engineers and private clients to prepare site measured drawings, conversion of paper documents into CAD format and permit application services. Since then we have grown exponentially and have been actively involved in a variety of projects including government, industrial, commercial and residential throughout the province of Ontario. Archisystem Inc. has acquired the architectural practice license and certificate of practice from the Ontario Association of Architects, which allows us to offer superior architectural design services. Due to more than 15 years of extensive experience in projects of various natures, our talented team is capable of handling any type of building design project.    

Archisystem Inc. - Is the creation of Sarwat A. Syed, a registered OAA Architect and Planner, with the goal of providing better Architecture within his community. His mantra is to provide quality professional architectural services with environmental friendly design and minimum impact on the natural environment and its resources. He is committed to designing for the demands of today, but also addresses the needs of tomorrow. 

Good Design Improves Everyday Life - We believe architecture improves daily life by being aesthetically beautiful, innovative, creative, and by being responsible to the greater community we live in, while offering our clients comfortable solutions to their demands and needs.

Clients Come First - We listen. We create design opportunities within realistic frames of time constraints, municipal approval periods, and budget considerations. We offer all our clients a variety of options, and we are with you throughout the design and approval process. We gain the trust of our clients by helping them achieve their goals on time, while never compromising on design quality

Aesthetic Beauty - Great architecture should speak of the architect's thoughts and creativity, and passion for design. We have the expertise and versatility necessary to combine elements of classic design styles and modern design principles to create unique, custom and beautiful spaces.

Our Team

Our team of professional and talented architects, designers and planners are solely committed to creating truly unique, aesthetically beautiful and environmentally conscious architecture. We are multi-talented, devoted and knowledgeable to provide the best possible architectural experience. 

Sarwat Ahmed
B.Arch, M.Sc. Planning, Architect, OAA, AIA, RAIC , C.E.O (Archisystem Inc.)

Agha Mirza
Associate, Intern Architect

Haroon Hussain
Associate, Intern Architect, C.E.O. (Xact Home Solutions)

Adnan Zabian
Associate/ Collaborations, C.Tech, Tprp-c (ACAD Modular)

Binal Vakharia
B.Arch, Intern Architect

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